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Disability and medical-legal aspects require a careful;

  1. History

  2. Examination of patient

  3. Examination of medical records

  4. Diagnosis

  5. Conclusion

Doctors specializing in disability evaluation can conclude the percentage of impairment and thereafter disability.

All of the judges and most of the attorneys in the system are very familiar with pathological conditions such as arthritis, degenerative diseases, coronary artery disease, psychopathology, etc. and are aware that these underlying conditions can exist or progress for great lengths of time before becoming disabling or without ever becoming disabling.

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Factors of Disability

There is an everincreasing disparity in the monetary rates of temporary partial disability, temporary total disability, and permanent disability.

Finally, work limitations must be evaluated

Pre-existing disability should be described exactly as existing disability.

Disability and future medical care needs to be considered in determining monetary expenses due to disability.