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Sports - Rotator Cuff Tear


A complete tear may clinically resemble an acute peritendinitis in that there is pain, marked limitation, and tenderness. The arm cannot be abducted at the glenohumeral joint and the patient shrugs.

A partial tear reacts exactly as does peritendinitis with the torn fibers contracting and forming a swelling of the cuff, which obstructs free motion in the suprahumeral space.

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Measures

Surgical repair should be considered in a complete tear in a reasonably young person whose activities and profession require full range of shoulder motion with good strength. However, in elderly or severely debilitated patients, surgical repair may not be successful or lasting. With full understanding by the patient of the possible outcome of surgery, every patient, nevertheless, can be considered a surgical candidate. Postoperative care will require a full exercise program as outlined for the other shoulder conditions.