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Sports - Knee Injury


Complaints of pain in the knee must be clarified by clinical manifestations.

Collateral Ligament Pain Syndromes

A similar force or stress that causes meniscal tears can cause ligamentous tears.

Ligamentous injuries may be accompanied by meniscus injuries and this fact must always be kept in mind.

Injury to the cruciate ligaments causes anteroposterior instability.

Ligamentous Injuries

Ligamentous strains or minor tears actually heal well in time, and active exercises must be begun early.

Meniscal Injuries

Meniscal tears in the inner two thirds of the meniscus (the avascular zone) do not heal whereas those whose tears are in the outer vascular zone and are reduced can heal.

After successful reduction and adequate immobilization, restoration exercises should be undertaken. The major exercise program should be to strengthen the quadriceps mechanism.

  • If conservative physical medicine and rehabilitation measures fail, then surgical intervention is indicated.
  • And physical medicine and rehabilitation measures are initiated post operatively for early rehabilitation.