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Arthritis - FOLLOW-UP

  • As the cause of RA is unknown, prevention of the disease has not been established.
  • There are many suggested approaches to prevent or minimize recurrences or flares. These include proper nutrition, relaxation, low-impact exercise, flexibility exercises, yoga, tai chi, counseling, meditation, hydrotherapy and stress-reduction.


  • Prognosis in RA is extremely variable.
  • There is some evidence to suggest that the onset of disease (rapid vs. insidious) may predict the progression of disease. Patients with rapid onset of disease may show better remission than those with insidious onset.
  • Prognosis is worse with large joint involvement.

Patient Education:

  • Patients with RA require a great deal of education regarding the need for lifestyle changes to prevent exacerbations, to preserve mobility and functionality, and for appropriate pain management. Specific education for the ED visit is focused on the exacerbation or focal problem that the patient presents with.