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Collar and Brace


Plastic collars are made more Hoff felt collars by including metal strips that adjust the height of the collar. It is estimated this collar restricts flexion and extension by 75 percent but restricts rotation by only 50 percent.

s_fig101.jpg (2937 bytes) FIGURE 101. Felt collar recommended for occipito-cervical restriction.

The four-poster cervical brace is cumbersome to maintain and difficult to adjust. It restricts approximately the same degree of flexion-extension as does the plastic collar but permits rotation of the atlaneoaxial joint.

No collar or brace has proven to fully immobilize the neck in all directions. Only a Halo body jacket brace will fully immobilize the neck in flexion-extension, rotation, and lateral bending, and this is regarded only in severe orthopedic or neurologic problems.